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  • The largest placement drive in Karnataka. Student orientation will be conducted on 25th & 26th June 2016 at Vidyagiri campus, Moodbidri between 9am to 5pm. All are invited.

About Alva's

 Alva's Education Foundation (AEF) established in 1995 with the vision of our Chairman Dr. M. Mohan Alva has succeeded in making Moodabidri an Educational hub in the South Canara Region, with 22,500 students pursuing various courses ranging from primary school to post-graduate courses in social sciences,pure sciences, engineering and management. There are 19 institutes functioning under the AEF banner. 

 AEF is highly committed towards the cause of providing education to all the sections of society. This is evident from the quality of events, programmes,staff and the necessary support available for traditional & contemporary education at the AEF.

 Alva's Education Foundation has been adopting students since its inception. This year foundation has adopted 3000 students for free education scheme offered on the basis of their meritorious performances in academics, sports,cultural and also for physically challenged and economically backward students. Alva's Education Foundation name is synonymous with discipline,punctuality, humility and fulfillment.


The Corporate Career Profiling (CCP) which is possible because of on-line registration of candidates. 
The relevant information is captured from the aspirants during the registration process and then aligned with  the company’s requirements. The companies therefore can focus on their target segment leading to an effective recruitment and selection process.
On the day of the drive, colour coding is done to enable the candidates to identify the companies where they can apply and attend the selection process.

 This udyoga mela is purely cause driven and there will be no money charged to either the candidate or to the company. The government of Karnataka hosts the entire placement drive.

 Employment Enhancement Center where in career counselors are assigned to guide students to their most suitable job description(s) offered by the companies.

The job aspirants will be segregated as per the companies specified requirements. The company’s initially specify the requirements of the candidates their qualifications, their background, the qualities and attributes that they expect in their prospective employees.

The colour is the identity of the sector for both students and companies. Each student will get a colour card which becomes their identity and also the key to find the right company. The company also gets a specific colour that can be mapped with their requirement.